How to add a menu itemĀ 

  1. On the left hand toolbar, select 'Menus'

2. Click 'My menus'

3. Click on the menu you'd like to add the item to, followed by the relevant section.

4. Click the blue circle with the '+'.

5. Click 'Create new item'

6. Input details about your new menu item.

How to set a delivery zone

Note: you can set as many delivery zones as you want

  1. Select 'Venue Settings' from the sidebar and then, 'Delivery zones'
  2. A map will appear with a blue GPS icon over your venue location
  3. On the right side of the page, click the blue circle with the '+' inside
  4. Name your delivery zone (your customers will not see this). On the next line, add a delivery fee for this zone
  5. Set a delivery time.
    Note: the time you set represents the total lead time for orders placed within this zone, which includes prep/cooking time.

    You have two options for setting a delivery zone. You can either set a 'Distance in miles' or create a custom shape by clicking 'Custom'
  6. Click 'Done'

Distance in miles

Measured as a radius from the venue (e.g. 1 mile radius from venue)

Change radius by moving the 'Set area by' bar


Click on the map to set delivery points/shape

Click again on the first point made to complete custom shape

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