Ordering ahead is available within your in-app branded space.

The order ahead button (circled in the above picture) takes the user to the outlet selection page (if you have more than one outlet available for order ahead) and on to the menu that you will  have configured during the on-boarding process. 

Note: a well built menu provides a great opportunity to upsell extra products. 

After choosing what they want, customers check out - pay for their items and earn loyalty. 

The details of the transaction are available in-app in the activity feed and a digital receipt is  automatically issued. 

Order Accepted

Once the order is accepted by the outlet, customers are notified in-app and via email with a confirmation code and pick up time. 

They just have to show the code to the cashier at the dedicated pick up point to finalise the process. 

Order Rejected

It is possible that an outlet is unable to process an order for various reasons. 

In this case, customers are automatically refunded and any loyalty earned is deducted. 

Customers will be notified by email and push notification, and can trace the refund through the in-app receipt and activity feed. 

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