Each site that has set up Order Ahead should be equipped with a tablet to monitor orders, which is separate from the POS.

This dashboard is the central point from which cashiers can manage orders and instantly engage with customers.

When an order appears on a cashier’s dashboard, it has already been paid for and the customer has received reward points and/or stamps. 

Here’s what happens when cashiers:

Accept Orders

When an order is placed, the cashier has the option to accept or reject that order. 

Once accepted, the till receipt printer will print the order details. 

An email and in-app notification is automatically sent from the Yoyo platform to notify the customer. 

The email contains the pick up time and a confirmation code. 

Once the customers arrives at the devoted pickup point, they need to show the order confirmation code. 

The cashier then changes the order status to “Order Collected”.  

Reject Order 

If the outlet is unable to execute an order, cashiers can also choose to reject it. 

Cashiers can inform customers that their order has been cancelled via the in-store tablet. 

Customers will then receive a refund directly on the card that is linked to the app. 

The loyalty earned with their order is automatically deducted. 

All the details of the refund transaction are available on the customer’s activity feed.

What happens if there’s a problem with the order? 

Cashiers can reach out to their customers through push notifications or emails to inform them about any delays or status updates.

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