What is Order Ahead?

We’ve developed a feature to enable your customers to order and pay ahead from your in-app branded space. 

As with every Yoyo transaction, your customers will continue to automatically earn loyalty for their order ahead purchases. 

What are the benefits for your customers?

  • No more queuing, everything is done in-app 
  • No need to carry cash - payment is automated 
  • More time to choose from your menu items 

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Less cash on premises 
  • Reduced time at the till as customers collect orders
  • Ability to monitor the number of orders that come in and space them up
  • Shift queues during peak hours by choosing when customers pick up the order 

How does ordering ahead work for your business?  

Store Area/Manager 

Each site that supports order ahead will be able to track and manage each order that is placed through a sourced tablet. 

You will also be able to view venue details, which include order preparation times during standard and peak hours, as well as any tax-related details. 


When a customer places an order and makes a payment, the order will be received by the site and made visible on your site dashboard through your own sourced tablet.

The dashboard will show all order details, order status and expected collection time. 

Cashiers will then use the dashboard to input whether an order has been accepted, rejected, or collected. 


If your site already uses Yoyo and you’re now launching Order Ahead, customer loyalty earned via Yoyo will be still be applicable.  

After your customer has placed their order, they will receive an email confirmation and an in-app confirmation on whether an order has been accepted or rejected.  

When your customer collects their order, they will need to provide their order confirmation number to the cashier as verification to be able to collect their order.

How can I launch order ahead in my store? 

Get in touch with our team via partnersupport@yoyowallet.com, or contact your CSM if you have one. 

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